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It is a unique time in our communities and a time of mass concern.  With our combined efforts, I believe that we can instill confidence in our patients, help to do our part to reduce the incidence, and increase safety of our patients, families, and team!  Please find our COVID-19 screener for all of our team to perform for each patient, including home health, house calls, and outpatient.  This screener can be performed on the phone or in-person.  We are encouraging performing this over the phone to reduce the incidence of any exposure.  Please review the patient screening questions here by clicking here.

Please see our COVID-19 Daily Team Workflow here

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  • Electronic consent forms are live.  Click here to access.  If you have any issues, please contact support@fullrangehealth.org as soon as possible to let them know.
  • Daily staff COVID screener has been updated to allow for multiple divisions/locations to be selected.  Please select all that apply.

Post Op Updates

Please remember to complete the Post-Op Ortho Update for ALL Post-op patients on a weekly basis!  Click here for Update Form.

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Home Care and Home Bound- Please remember that all patients being seen through home care, or Part A, services are to be deemed home bound.  While home bound may be a gray area, we should not be documenting about their ability or safety when driving.  This is due to our inability to assess their driving skills.  You may mention that in the prior level of function, they were a driver, but nothing more.  Documenting that a person drives may result in a denial due to an auditor interpreting that as not being home bound.

Cancelled or Missed Visits- Please ensure all missed visits are documented. Support processes these to make adjustments to the plan of care along with updating the Home Health referring agency (when applicable).  Missed visits are an essential part of the chart and must be documented as such.

Abnormal Vital Signs- If you receive a vital sign alert during a visit, please note it under the abnormal findings section of the narrative note (For RHH). Please note what the abnormal vital sign was, who you contacted and if the is an intervention to address that abnormal find (such as a med change or an increased to frequency to monitor).

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