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We have a full range of services to meet your needs!  We are the only provider of home health, house call, AND outpatient therapy throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area!  All services within one organization to eliminate the gaps in care!


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Full Range!

Full Range is local healthcare company.  We provide home health services and outpatient therapy.  We have a team of local healthcare professionals and support specialists dedicated to making a difference and impacting our patients’ lives. Available services include Nursing, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, and Social Work, along with a local support team that assists in the day-to-day administrative duties.

Full Range is the ONLY local and privately owned healthcare organization that offers the full continuum of post-acute services.  We do not have therapy aides, and do not rotate our patients through a team. You can expect continuity, assessment, customized/individualized treatment each and every time!

No. We are an independently owned and operated organization. Mike McDevitt, our owner, is a licensed and actively treating Physical Therapist. Learn more about our leadership by clicking here.

You can receive services in-home or at one of conveniently located offices, in Drexel Hill and West Chester.

We accept most major medical insurances, worker’s compensation, and motor vehicle plans. We verify insurance coverage prior to your first visit every time, so there are no financial surprises.  We also offer fee-for-service pricing with payment plan options.

We do offer direct access (no prescription required) services, however your insurance may not. If you do not have a prescription and are looking to schedule, we will verify with your insurance to see if direct access is an option for you. If not, a prescription may be required.

A large portion of our referrals come by word of mouth. We also have unique relationships with area organizations, including home health agencies, inpatient rehabs, and hospitals, that trust us as a discharge option. Additionally, we have a growing number of area doctors, both family and specialty physicians, that recommend our services.

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