Thank you for your interest in Full Range Health!  See below for some of the great things our patients have said about Renaissance Home Health and Full Range Physical Therapy.

I have been dealing with chronic spinal stenosis for over ten years but this past year the stenosis has increased to the point that my legs won’t cooperate with me and due to severe arthritis in my shoulders, I also don’t have very much range of motion in my arms.

After going through two months of therapy at a rehab facility I requested Renaissance home health care for my home therapy.I had heard about this organization through a friend and it was the best choice I could have made.
My physical therapist, Robert Cardie, has been a huge help for me not just helping me to physically get some strength into my legs and more range of motion in my arms, but an even more important factor is the way he is constantly encouraging to me especially when he sees me upset due to my condition.

Robert has adjusted his schedule to meet my needs. I do better in the morning so he comes early to get more stimulation in my legs. When I was walking with my walker we would go outdoors to practice my walking skills and without trying to push me too hard he would set goals each time to help me go farther down the sidewalk.

During these times of walking and the exercises in my home, we would talk together about family and events going on in our lives. It’s like talking with a friend. Since my stenosis has recently gotten worse, I no longer am able to walk but Robert continues to encourage me in standing and balance exercises and has increased my arm exercises because I use my upper body strength to transport from wheelchair to bed to commode.
If or when I have a concern I can call him to see what to do. He has also assisted me in getting “aides” I need to help with my home living ie, wheelchair, cushions bed raisers, etc.

Robert has also been a problem solver. When one way of transferring to a chair doesn’t work for me he would come up with other ideas we can work on to accomplish our goals. Robert has been an advocate for me in getting my diabetic shoes and brace and getting my special wheelchair which the companies were dragging their feet in supplying what I needed.  I feel safe and at ease working with Robert and feel I have a friend in him.

Now about Occupational therapy. Lindsay Finnegan has been genuinely caring and understanding of my physical limitations and helps me to work through my every day activities. When I have to wash my hair and dry it, Lindsay has me do as much as possible on my own even though she sees me struggling. When I’ve done all I can do then she pitches in to help.

We work on transferring into bed, washing, folding laundry and putting it away cooking in my small kitchen and standing and arm exercises. Using a balloon for arm exercises is challenging but also gives our exercising time fun.

I have also worked with Nicole Davis a couple of times. Again a caring person who listens and encourages. I was being charged for a piece of equipment that I never used and had sent it back. When I told Nicole about it she got on the phone and was able to get me my refund back.
I am very grateful for all the help I am getting through your Renaissance workers. They are a blessing to me.


This was the second time we have had services for my dad and also the second time Sara has come to our house and worked with my Dad.  I wish you could have seen the smile on his face when she came through the door.  He recognized her right away and was so happy to see her again.  Her kindness and patience mean so much to us.  He would do anything for her!  She was so supportive and encouraging to me too.  She is just lovely.

I can’t say enough good things about the therapists at Renaissance. My elderly mother was anxious about having strangers come to the house, but our therapists were so wonderful! We had Sara Marano, Nicole Davis and Maddie McQuiston. They put my mother at ease right away and practically became part of the family. All were professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and compassionate. They helped my mom immensely, and I don’t think we could have made it through recovery without their support. I highly recommend Renaissance to anyone in search of top-notch therapy with therapists that put 110% into their work.


Full Range PT performs miracles! I’m a full time caregiver for my husband who has Early Onset Alzheimer’s. When I fractured every bone in my ankle on 7-13-19, I plunged into despair. How would I care for myself and my husband)? And I’m 65 years old.

I had an excellent surgeon and chose Full Range PT in Drexel Hill from a Google search. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Mike was kind, professional, funny and most importantly, a real pro. We worked together for several months and here I am, able to walk for hours on the fractured ankle without pain! Mike went above & beyond at every turn. I strongly advise you to choose Full Range PT – you won’t regret it. It saved my life and it might save yours.


I had Sara and Maddie after another local homecare and was a world of difference from their service and the other company. I had a stroke and lost most of my mobility on my left side I am now stronger and able to use my legs and some of my arm and hand and am improving everyday. They did a great job and am now moving to outpatient therapy at same company. Will start in two weeks because of the holiday. Thanks!


These guys are great!! I have been seeing them since the day they opened the doors. They have helped me stay healthy through an ironman and a marathon. Without these guys I would have been sidelined for both races. They even work around my crazy schedule and come in at 6am to see me before I head to work. Can’t say enough about the crew they have there. Awesome!!!!


Several months postpartum I was having severe sciatica from a flareup of a bulging disc in my back. Meanwhile, this was right in the middle of the pandemic and I didn’t feel comfortable going in person to a physical therapist. Full Range Health Services not only helped me get back my strength and stop the sciatica relatively quickly, but they were able to treat me wonderfully and make me feel heard and seen even virtually. I recommend Full Range to everyone I know, I think they’re the best physical therapists around!


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