2018 Full Range Scholarship

2018 Full Range Scholarship

Monday, December 24th was a unique day at Full Range!  For the 2nd year, we have worked with the Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County to provide 2 swimmers with a $250 scholarship, called the Full Range Scholarship!  Founder, Mike McDevitt started the Full Range Scholarship in 2018 to give back, but that's not all!  One of Mike's passions is coaching and over 15 years have been dedicated to the sport of swimming.  From 2004-2009, Mike was dedicated to the development and growth of the Lansdowne YMCA Marlins swimming program.

The Full Range Scholarship seeks to highlight and reward swimmers who have set goals and demonstrated a strong work ethic to achieve those goals.  To qualify, swimmers must be 13 or older and demonstrate good character, via the submission of a letter of recommendation from a counselor, teacher, coach, or activity advisor indicating the they demonstrate the four core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in his or her interactions with others.  Applicants must also submit a 250-300 word essay highlighting how the YMCA has positively impacted their life and 3 examples of setting goals and what the applicant did to accomplish those goals.

This year, we are proud to recognize 17 year old, Dana Borrelli, and 15 year old, Ava Cooley.  Both Dana and Ava have a clear passion for teamwork!  They both attribute the YMCA with bringing them close friends, an outlet for their energy, and a source for role models, including their coaches and teammates!

The Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County is a valuable member of the local community and continues to help children and adults alike, realize their potential and make a positive impact on others' lives!

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