Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

Lets talk about working out in the heat...

What’s the new sound of the summer? Air conditioners turning on! No doubt about it, it has been a hot and extended summer. And with hotter temperatures comes concerns about hydration. Water is as important to exercise as stretching, if not more so. Without water, our muscles cannot recover properly, and we even run the risk of some serious adverse effects such as dizziness, passing out, and even heat stroke in severe cases.

So how should we be hydrating?

Well lets defer to the experts at the CDC and use their tried and true hydration tips for before, during, and after working out in the heat. (more information at

Before a workout

My old cross-country coach used to say “if you are feeling thirsty, you are already too late.” Unfortunately, our systems for thirst and dehydration are a bit “delayed” shall we say. That means we need to stay ahead of the game in terms of hydration. Drinking water before a workout can greatly improve your hydration and ensure a safe and healthy workout

During a workout

Admittedly this is my least favorite. But it is a vital part of hydration, especially when spending long hours in the heat. The CDC recommends 1 cup of water for every 15-20 minutes in the heat. That means, if you are going for an hour-long run, you should be drinking anywhere from 3-4 cups to make sure you are safe.

After a workout

One fact that you may not know, is that our bodies take time to recover from exercise. While we may be physically done with our workouts, our systems can continue to work well past our “stop” time. That means we need to stay on top of our hydration (bonus points if you add a hydration tablet as appropriate). By doing so we can help curb the risk of chronic dehydration and its effects.

The moral of the story: hydrate before, during, and after your workout. It may seem tedious, but staying hydrated not only helps with the recovery and function of your body, it helps stop the negative effects of dehydration. 

For further information on hydration and exercise, please feel free to reach out to one of our licensed staff members at 610-241-2685.

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