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Message from Petra Rose, PT, DPT

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"Hello Full Rangers!
Thanks for tuning in and learning a bit about the Zeen from Exokinetics last week. This innovative assistive device can be used to replace a walker or a wheelchair!
As promised, a bit more information about the Zeen.
First, a video of one of my current PT clients using the Zeen. It includes a brief clip of her ambulating with one of her usual assistive devices, a 3 wheeled rollator walker.
Next, a link to the Exokinetics website. Here you will find photographs of the Zeen, as well as a short video demonstrating its use in a variety of different scenarios.
Finally, as I mentioned, we are at a point of making some final tweaks before coming to market. We are looking for individuals to take the Zeen for a ride and provide feedback over a several week time period. As with many studies, all participants will be compensated for their time. Here is the inclusion and exclusion criteria we are currently operating under to better guide sharing this with your clients and seeking their interest in participating:


Inclusion Criteria:
  1. Individuals who currently use an assistive device due to balance or endurance deficits
  2. Able to stand and walk a minimum of 10’ with or without an assistive device
  3. Medically stable to participate in physical activity
  4. Weight range: 110-250 lbs
  5. Height range: 4’11”-6’3”
  6. Active function of both hands - necessary for function of lift assist levers
  7. Cognitively intact and able to follow directions for use of device


Exclusion Criteria:
  1. Individuals who do not currently use an assistive device
  2. Inactive - does not have interest in continuing or returning to ambulation
  3. Unable to stand and walk a minimum of 10’ with our without an assistive device
  4. Not medically stable for physical activity
  5. Weight below 110 or above 250 (future versions planned to accommodate lower and higher weight ranges)
  6. Height below 4’11” or above 6’3”
  7. Has function of only one hand or no function of both hands
  8. Cognitive deficits limiting ability to follow directions and prevent new learning
If anyone has questions, please reach out! I’d love the opportunity to speak to you individually and help you share about this device with your clients who could possibly benefit from it, help us make this the best device it can be and get it to market soon!
I can be reached at our Full Range email address: petra.rose@fullrangehealth.org or via cell at (717)645-2167."

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