Full Range Focus is giving back!

Full Range Focus is giving back!

Help us help others by joining in the Full Range Focus!

Drexel Hill, PA (June 30, 2018) - This July, we will be launching our new initiative, Full Range Focus!  Since 2014, it has been our goal to give back.  Initially, we had T-Shirts for various causes to bring awareness.  We had pink for Breast Cancer, green for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), and purple for Alzheimer's Disease.  Now, we are taking our efforts to the next level!

Starting tomorrow, we will have a different focus each month!  For July, our focus is Parkinson's Disease and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • We will contribute $5 for each new patient at each of our 3 locations.
  • Additionally, we will contribute $1 for each social media "check in" by a patient.  All "check in's" should include our hashtag #yourlifeyourgoalsyourway

How can you help?

Join us in the Full Range Focus by choosing Full Range!  This is an ongoing effort and while the FOCUS will change each month, the contributions will not!

  1. If you need Physical Therapy, consider Full Range as your provider!  We accept most insurances!
  2. Spread the word!  Share our initiative with your family and friends!


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There is so much good that is around us, but not often shared on large media outlets!  We also believe that a majority of people want to make a positive impact, but may not have the means or "know-how".  The Full Range Focus is a way to start!  No obligation, no money out of your pocket, and no added effort!  Just get the care you need all while giving back to a good cause!

Our FOCUS will change each month!  We will announce the new FOCUS during the last week of each month!

Share and spread the word!

Help us help others!


For Media Contact:

Sean Riley at sean.riley@fullrangept.org or call us at 610-241-2685

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