Posture Attack

Posture Attack

Did you know back and neck pain impact most people?  Some worse than others, of course.  But for most of us, it starts out with minor aches that happen when we least expect it!  Maybe sitting at your computer, like I am doing now.  Maybe picking up a crumb from the floor.  Then, that ache hangs around for a bit longer than welcome!

Good news!  You can do some simple things to help prevent or control these aches and pain!  Keep reading for 3 simple tips!

#1: Pay Attention To Your Posture!

Many times a slouched posture can be the underlying reason for aches and pains!  Setting a timer or reminder to check your posture throughout the day can save your neck and back.  Our bodies are designed with a system of support.  When we slouch forward toward a screen, slide our hips forward in a chair, or lean to the side for 20 or more minutes, the support system is stressed and the result may be pain!  The old “head up, shoulders back” may feel uncomfortable.  But simply lifting your chest up or sliding your hips back in a chair/couch may do the trick.  

#2: Get Up And Move!

Our bodies like change!  Staying in a position for a long time may cause some discomfort.  Setting a timer or reminder to get up and move, stretch, reach can have many benefits!  It could refocus your day, stretch out your back/neck, and get your blood circulating to break up the monotony of a single position!  This doesn’t mean go walk a mile every hour, but simply getting out of your seat and walking around the office/room/house.  Small simple movements are all it takes!  

#3: Hydrate!

I know this isn’t the first time you heard that hydrating is good for you!  Drinking water has positive effects on the muscles, tendons, and discs!    Unlike moving and posture, hydration takes some time to help.  But developing a daily habit of staying hydrated throughout the day helps to stay flexible, energetic, and focused!

Most back or neck pain comes and goes.  If it becoming a repetitive problem, we may be able to help!  Give us a call at (610) 241-2685 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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