Social Media: Attack of the “Experts”

Social Media: Attack of the “Experts”

Its been around a while now! Social media has quickly become a primary source of information, good bad, or trivial! It is up to us to be able to navigate through the plethora of info and determine whether it is true or not. The inherent issue here is that once you’ve seen or heard the message, you cannot undo it.

Recently, I have noticed a significant amount of experts emerging in the social media world. They are taking the time to bring information mainstream that will engage their followers. This is exactly what we are supposed to do, right? But what happens when posts include sarcasm that belittles others (intentionally or unintentionally), instruction or advice that has no proven foundation, or promote services that may be more sham than productive?

Simply put, social media works to put us in touch with others, including friends, family, fans, acquaintances, and more. Inherently good, but when used the wrong way can spread fear, hatred, doubt, and anxiety. When you gain a follower through social media, one should be honored and thankful, not empowered with an inflated ego. A great statement from Uncle Ben in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”. As our reach increases it is on us to ensure that our posts, regardless of the platform, are accurate, respectful, and generate discussion/thought without harming others.

What is the point? Well, here is the challenge: Through your social media engage, promote, motivate, enlighten, but always remember to “do no harm”! While a relatively low bar to set, it is the most basic principle we should all keep in mind. “Do no harm” to others, including belittling colleagues, sharing less than factual information for sake of personal gain, or simply posting comments or images that may instill a sense of self-doubt, increased anxiety, or hatred! Social media is a powerful tool! A tool that can have a worldwide reach with the strike of a button! Read your post one more time before sharing, think about the impact of your post and what interpretations may come of it, and have goals that include more than self-preservation or boosting numbers! Because in the end doing right by one another, sharing good information, and just simply being nice may just create that ripple effect we need!

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