Consistency Is Key

Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key in everything!  Whether is it education, your profession, or your health, consistently practicing, studying, and performing good habits is an important key to success.  But when it comes to healthcare, there is another side of consistency that is key: developing a quality group of providers that has your best interest at heart! 

For some of your providers, this is easy.  Having the same primary care, or family doctor, is a regular expectation in our healthcare system.  Having a consistent team of specialists when you need them is a bit more challenging.  But when it comes to home health or outpatient care, it may seem that you don’t have a choice!

Having a consistent home health or outpatient team, including nursing, therapies, etc…, is crucial to reaching your goals!  When you have the same team each session you develop a trust in them AND they understand your challenges, hesitations, and concerns!  The team develops an understanding of the plan of care and doesn’t have to relearn it each session! 

At Full Range and Renaissance, our goal is to provide engaging care that is centered around you!  We strive to have a consistent team that will challenge you each session!  We will build on our education for you, your family, and your caregivers to maximize progress!  You should know what and who to expect each session!

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