Green Expectations

Green Expectations

Since March, we have been doing our best to “flatten the curve” as a community and has seemingly worked!  But with the quarantine, social distancing, mask wearing, comes a feeling of hesitation, anxiety, and maybe even fear!  Despite all of that, our region is now in the Green Phase!  We are able to go out, stores are able to reopen, and a mild sense of normalcy is back.

But what is normal?  What is expected?  How can you stay safe?  While we can’t speak to every industry, when it comes to outpatient physical therapy and in-home services, we are here for you!  We have been serving our community since 2014 and have continued to serve throughout the Pandemic.  We have been keeping up with Federal, State, and Local guidelines, requirements, and trends.  We have put protocols and policies in place to keep our team safe and keep you safe!  And, our care model is ONE-ON-ONE!

Over the years, outpatient physical therapy clinics have developed a treatment model where you may see multiple providers throughout your sessions.  Those providers may also be seeing 2, 3, or more other patients at the same time.  The treatment table that you are laying on is a couple feet away from a table that another person is laying on.  But, at Full Range, this is not the case!

In 2014, Full Range was founded to shake up the industry and provide care centered around one patient at a time!  And our model has held up and is needed now more than ever!  When you are a patient at Full Range, here is what you can expect:

  1. You will meet your therapist in the outpatient clinic for your first visit and they will be your therapist each and every visit* throughout your care with us.
  2. We have minimal administrative and support team members in our clinics to maintain social distancing. They have been transitioned to a remote office or a home office.
  3. We have regular disinfecting parameters to keep the equipment clean prior to each and every use.
  4. You will be the only patient being treated by your therapist during your session.
  5. Your therapist is a licensed Physical Therapist with a Doctoral degree from an accredited institution.
  6. Our team will always have a mask on.
  7. Your therapist performs a daily check prior to coming to work, including a temperature check.

Interested in learning more about Full Range?  Call us at 610-241-2685 or message us on Social Media @FullRangeHealth

To request an appointment with us, click here.

*Vacations and other time off may impact your therapist's availability.

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