Virtual Visits: What and How?

Virtual Visits: What and How?

Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, hit the world seemingly overnight launching a series of daily, weekly, and continuous changes to every aspect of our lives!  Included in those changes was the approval of telehealth.  We have had the good fortune of experiencing telehealth on a number of different levels and want to take a moment to give you our feedback!

Telehealth, also called virtual visits, video visits, e-visits, etc..., was the topic of a number of updates that the government proposed.  While many details continue to unfold regarding back-end specifics, these visits ensure social distancing, no introduction of outside germs, and provide the ability for someone to get the care they need when they need it!


  • Telehealth gives us the ability to make a positive impact on a person in their time of need.
  • Telehealth ensures one-on-one attention.
  • Telehealth minimizes outside contact.
  • Telehealth has the ability to address certain things like muscle weakness, muscle tightness, pain, postural imbalances, and range of motion loss.
  • Telehealth provides a forum to establish a relationship face-to-face without the in-person concerns.
  • Telehealth offers the ability to assess, provide, and progress a person's home exercise routine.
  • Telehealth offers an opportunity for an in-home safety assessment.
  • Telehealth allows a person to know that they have resources and are not alone in their struggles.


  • Technology can be limiting with positioning of the camera/computer.
  • Vital sign monitoring is teachable, but unable to be confidently monitored.
  • Balance and gait training may be difficult and may pose more risk than reward.
  • Manual therapy is teachable, but may be unable to obtain the appropriate pressures in the appropriate body structures.
  • When cognitive abilities have diminished, multitasking with technology can be very difficult.

Ultimately, telehealth has is perks, especially in the unique environment surrounding COVID-19.  When other options are not available, we believe telehealth is an effective option.  With the right combination of clinical decision making, safety awareness, and creativity, musculoskeletal goals can be achieved!  While we all anxiously await a breakthrough in Coronavirus treatment and prevention, telehealth offers a method of care that allows people the ability to get the care they need, when they need it!

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